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Sales Director

Charles McMillan was born in Gillingham Kent, United Kingdom on 6 March 1969. He graduated from Brentwood County High School In May 1986, and graduated from the University of Trinity Saint Davids Wales in 2018.

After receiving his education, Charles McMillan joined the British Army In 1988 until 1996. He later became a partner in a security company offering man guarding and advanced life support training for organisations working in remote and war torn countries. During this time he became a Director of a organisation offering opportunites to people starting their own businesses.

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In Jan 1999 Charles McMillan took a year off and spent time with his family in Spain which is where his mother is from. On his return from Spain he was offered a Managers position in a large recycling company where he retrained and qualified as the Environmental, Health and Safety and Transport Manager. It was during this time Charles Mcmillan realised he was experiencing flashbacks and night terror sweats which was contributed to his military career, he was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. It was thanks to Combat stress and Veterans NHS Wales charles was able to adapt tools to help him deal with his PTSD.

Charles McMillan in 2011 decided, after his own experience with PTSD, that he wanted to help others like him who have experienced trauma from their time in the Armed forces, Police, Ambulance and Fireservices. So he went to Unversity and retrained as a counsellor. After passing his degree he worked for two agencies in the UK. One of these organisations as a Trainer and development in mental health; and the other organisation as a Trauma Therapist.

In the last few years Charles McMillan has rekindled with various passions he once had such as fishing, sports, music and reading. He is now living in the UAE and working alongside his brother as Sales Director for Spectrum IT.

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