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Paul Sidlo

abu dhabi iot spectrum paulEntrepreneur, Inventor, CEO, Founder, Director, Executive Creative Director: REZN8, Tillster, LITRICITY, NEAH Power Systems
9-Time Emmy Award Winning Producer/Director of Computer Animation for Film & Television
Innovator & Entrepreneur with 14 US Patents
Paul Sidlo is widely recognized as a pioneer in the field of user interface, 3D computer animation and has won over two hundred awards for his work, including nine Emmys. As an innovator, fundraiser and entrepreneur, Sidlo has fourteen US patents and is the founder of several internationally recognized firms, including REZN8,, and NEAH Power. These companies use emerging technologies for productivity solutions across a wide range of industries from transactional retail management and services to the development of solar energy systems. Sidlo has been a consultant and strategist for corporations such as Citibank, Intel, and Microsoft Corporation and has been a regular keynote speaker for numerous international conferences on technology and design.

As the founder, CEO, and President of the award-winning, Hollywood-based firm REZN8, Sidlo was the executive producer, executive creative director, and designer for over twenty-six years. Founded in 1987, REZN8 is a recognized world-leader in conceptualizing, designing, and producing high-end graphics, multi-media branding, and graphic image systems that are used to build and promote a brand by creating lasting relationships between the message and the viewer. Under Sidlo’s direction, REZN8 has been instrumental in developing the media vision for a broad spectrum of domestic and international clients across a wide range of platforms that include broadcast, film, internet, wireless, and games. Sidlo is acknowledged as a leader in broadcast graphics and animation and as a pioneer in the design and development of graphical user interfaces (GUI), company branding, and real-time viewer experiences. REZN8 has been one of Microsoft's primary outside design sources for graphical user interface (GUI), including the GUI design and development for XBOX, MSN 9 & 10, Home Media Center, Windows XP, Surface Computing, Bill Gates keynotes presentations for CES and Microsoft's Home of the Future. Sidlo created, produced, directed, and designed a wide range of film and television products from Music Videos, Special Effects, and 3D IMAX films to identity packages for Entertainment Tonight, Michael Jackson's World History, CBS Entertainment, CBS Sports, NBC News, ABC Sports, Fox Entertainment, Fox Sports, HBO, JPL/NASA, Netflix, NFL, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, MLB, TED, UFC, Sci-Fi Channel, and Showtime. He has developed the image systems for five Olympics Games (Seoul, Sidney, Nagano, Albertville, and Lillehammer), thirteen Super Bowls, as well as numerous other television award shows, including the Oscars, and has additionally worked with ILM Lucas Films. In 2013, Sidlo’s firm EMN8 (Tillster) was named by Forbes Magazine as one of “America’s Most Promising Companies.”

Currently, Sidlo serves as a strategist and consultant for the development of new business models that use emerging technologies with applications across a wide range of industries. These technologies include IoT (Internet of Things), perceptual computing, automatic content recognition (ACR), Natural Language Recognition (NLR), Self-Organizing Systems, (SOS), Machine Learning Systems, Value Based Personalization, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Augmented User Interface (AUI), Augmented Virtual Reality (AVR), Reality User Interface (RUI), which provide new ways to evolve, enhance, predict and augment human reach and potential.

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