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Spectrum IT is an Authorized Dealer of Savant, the biggest Home Automation supplier in the market.

Ugrade your home by using Savant Smart Home Automation Solution. Savant is one of the leading companies to complete today’s digital home requirements at the highest technological standards.

Savant system integrates everything you can possibly imagine in your home (or office), from theater control, multi-room music/audio, video, smart lighting, temperature control (heating and cooling) to security and monitoring solutions all via your tablets, smartphones and/or remotes.

You can access your home or business remotely or on site.

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How can I control my home or business via Savant? I’m a technophobe and am worried I’ll be overwhelmed!
Not to worry – we have a whole range of clients; from the technophobe to the IT guru. What is unique about Savant systems is that the software is simple to use and allows you to make everyday life easier. We will install the Savant system and guide you in how to use it. Never before has it been so simple to control your home at a click of a button over web remote control technology and via tablets, smartphones and/or remotes (depending on your requirements).

This sounds great but isn’t it expensive?
Not at all! We work with the best home automation suppliers in the market but at affordable rates with the highest quality and standards. We do not overwhelm you with what you do not need. Tell us what you do need (or want) and we will tailor the Savant system to your specific requirements. One size definitely does not fit all! Smart home automation works well no matter how big or small your home or business.

How long does it take to install Savant system? I do not want to turn my house or business upside down!
We understand – it takes a few hours to install the system. The system is also modular which means that you can start small and then add new systems over time. You are under no obligation to install everything Crestron system offers all at once.

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Benefits of Savant Smart Home Automation:

  • Affordable home control
  • Simple to use
  • Works with both your current and future home electronic equipment 
  • Wired or wireless 
  • Start small and expand your system over time

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