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FireWall Systems

abu dhabi fire wall solutionsAt Spectrum IT, we offer effective firewall protection for business data exchange networks which protect your corporate network from untrusted data sources and controls traffic between IT and external networks. 

We provide bespoke firewall adjustment in accordance with your network requirements. Contact us to find out more..

We feature numerous firewall solutions for small, medium and large companies, offering products from market industry leaders. 

Anti-Virus & Anti-SPAM Solutions

We provide corporate data security for protecting networks from viruses, hacker attacks, SPAM, and other threats to your business. We create an integrated protection system that form a safe environment for business operation and secured data flow.

Antivirus for Business
We collaborate with the leading industry antivirus providers to offer you a wide range of products. We will clearly define the type of antivirus product your IT infrastructure requires for maximum protection. Modern enterprise antivirus solutions prevent malware infections of the entire IT system thus securing each server and endpoint device together with data flow channels (which can be done with a single software tool). Modern antivirus software generates the following benefits:
abu dhabi virus protection

  • High-quality malware protection
  • Real-time guard of incoming traffic
  • Constant anti-virus base update for maximum security
  • Prevention of data loss or unauthorized modification
  • Deployment flexibility

SPAM brings with it a whole host of problems, mainly:

  • Extra source of malware and other hacker activity
  • Drains memory storage and other system resources

At Spectrum IT, we offer anti-SPAM solutions for your business. Rest assured, our experts perform full anti SPAM system setup and maintenance.

Data Protection & Theft Prevention

All data resource in business requires protection. However, different types of data require different protection mechanisms, and that is the reason why at Spectrum IT, our data protection systems are based on the following factors:

  • Data security project based on comprehensive infrastructure analysis and risk assessment
  • Protection is combined into one system that operates smoothly as part of IT system
  • High end software and hardware products
  • Deployed security system is thoroughly tested to prove its efficiency
  • Scalable solutions that are easy to extend or upgrade in accordance with your business requirements

We ensure the protection of data resources in the network and strengthen hardware security to minimize the risk of data damage due to equipment failure.

A key factor in this mechanism is database security, backup and recovery systems.

Wireless Security

abu dhabi wireless security solutionsWireless connection allows you to operate and obtain access to a workplace and numerous data sources from anywhere in the world. However, such technology implies certain risks for data integrity, and transmitting data via wireless channels must be properly secured. Spectrum IT offers comprehensive protection that prevent risks of data theft. We offer time-proven wireless security solutions for safe Wi-Fi connection and WLAN operation.

We recommend solutions which fully comply with specific network security policy thus strengthening the data security profile of your business.

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Network Security Services

Network Security Services comprise of software resources to support the development and operation of secure applications. These services are vital for computer and network security.

Network Security Services identify and protect your network from attacks, preventing unauthorized users, devices and data, and include network management security tools.

The security services usually typify the following:

  • Identify threats and risks and inform the network security manager of any suspicious activity
  • Identify and authorise users and control access to software and data
  • Filter web traffic to prevent visiting harmful or unauthorised websites
  • Provide immediate security response to identified threats

At Spectrum IT, we work with various network security vendors that manufacture enterprise and commercial grade Next Generation Firewalls including Juniper Networks (AppSecure Suite) and Fortinet (FortiGate) Next Generation Firewalls.

We will modernise the network and information security settings to fit the requirements of your business at cost-effective rates.

Unified Threat Management

abu dhabi data management 1Spectrum IT network security specialists provide comprehensive monitoring of your security system and prevent your data security being exposed to danger. Such unified threat management prevents negative after-effects from compliance issues and strengthen security system.

Spectrum IT security monitoring provides:

  • Ongoing threat issue reporting with comprehensive analysis of each issue
  • Easy to understand and functional threat management dashboard
  • Data protection strengthening plan

Managing threats intelligently is what we do. We will provide you with a tailor-made plan for your business at cost effective rates. Contact us now

Secure Internet Gateway Assessment

Our experts automate the process of URL analysis and categorization in order to block inappropriate data sources and prevent numerous malware threats affecting valuable data resources.

The service includes:

  • Assessment of current internet gateway security
  • Improvement plan to obtain required security level
  • Implementation of corresponding system configuration

Infrastructure security:

DNS (Domain Name System) security

DNS security is an increasing concern for business. Without proper DNS functions, companies are unable to function online. DNS protocol is borderless which means attackers cannot be traced easily. DNS is often a target for distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, as well as reflection and amplification attacks. Due to businesses using the minimal amount of DNS servers with which they can get away, DNS security can be easily overwhelmed by an attack, which causes DNS servers to go offline and prevents users from finding the website (and thus losing potential clients). At Spectrum IT, our experts can provide a cloud-based solution that delivers 24/7 DNS availability, improves DNS responsiveness, and ensures DNS security by preventing the largest DDoS attacks.

Mail security
Spam is an increasing problem for business since it increases the risk of Viruses and Trojans attacking servers and websites. Spectrum IT collaborates with market leading vendors in Mail Security to provide you with the most comprehensive integrated Mail Security solution.

abu dhabi mail security service 1Spectrum IT Mail Security Solution include:

  • AntiVirus protection
  • Inbound and Outbound AntiSpam protection
  • Mail Encryption
  • DLP
  • Mail Archiving
  • User Quarantine

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