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Intelligent Home Design Systems

abu dhabi smart homeWhat if all the devices in your life could connect to the Internet? Not just computers and smartphones, but everything from speakers, lights, doors, door bells, cameras, windows, window blinds, hot water heaters, to cooking utensils. And what if those devices could all communicate, send you information, and take your commands? It's not science fiction; it's the Internet of Things (IoT), and it's a key component of home automation and smart homes. Find out what exactly is the Internet of Things?

Spectrum IT in Abu Dhabi has the capability of integrating the most advanced Home Automation, Security Systems, Lighting Control, Audio and Video and Home Theatre for your residence. Thanks to its wireless capabilities, Intelligent Home Design systems can be installed in any villa or apartment.


Our Intelligent Home Design systems let you see, secure, and control just about anything in your home from anywhere in the world using a smartphone App.

We partner with some of the leading brands to deliver a product that is affordable, easy to install and delivers everyday benefits and savings.

Contact us today to find out how we can make your home more enjoyable.

Add automation to your office too

abu dhabi smart home 3It goes without saying that the features above may be implemented for Office Automation as well. Adding automation to an existing office is very affordable, simple and can easily be installed by business owners.

The system can help owners protect their business and cut down on energy consumption by controlling AC temperatures based on office timings or switch off lights automatically after hours when no motion is detected.

Smart security cameras linked to motion, contact and smoke alarm sensors are also an affordable alternative to costly security guards or monitoring services. Remote access control can also be used to unlock the office door to let employees or record attendance.

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