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Complete IT Office Solutions

abu dhabi smart officeSpectrum IT designs, builds and provides solutions for business applications and core infrastructure including systems, storage, business wide communication and networking. Our in-depth industry knowledge and technical expertise allows you to make the most out of your IT investments by creating a reliable and accessible infrastructure.

With our intelligent Office Design you don’t have to be physically present to have total control of your office. To ensure everything is running smoothly in your absence you can access all the features you need from your smartphone or tablet.

We take great pride in finding customized smart office technology solutions for our clients. You provide us with direction and we handle all the complexities of implementation.

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Features Of Our Office Automation

The following are just some of the features that can be controlled with our smart office system:

Video Conferencing Solutions: Video conferencing system is an excellent way for businesses to reduce travel costs. In addition to delivering an effective video presence capability, Spectrum IT goes further to give you a powerful but easy-to-use intelligent meeting or board room. We streamline and simplify the setup process by providing you with user-friendly technology thus reducing stress and technical glitches.

Video Walls: A visual wall of graphics creates a guaranteed “wow factor” for your business. We use the latest advances in digital photography, PC operation, video conferencing, and broadcast programming to help you create a dramatic and customizable viewing area.

Eliminate Duplicate Technology: Why have multiple presentation set-ups (even if you have more than one meeting room)? Spectrum IT will provide you with the tools to eliminate unnecessary costs and present the best face of your company in any room, without the cost of extra equipment.

Smart Office Audio-Video Technology: From a single device, Spectrum IT provides you with the technology to direct sound and video to any area of your office.

Light Control: Spectrum IT installs whole-office one-touch lighting featuring smart technology that can be integrated with other features of your intelligent office design. We can also work with your existing electrical wiring to give you greater control over fixtures that are already in place.

Office Security: As part of our Intelligent Office Design, we provide the latest in security camera and video surveillance technology thus allowing real-time remote access to monitor your business—24/7. Our systems are equipped with recording capability, enabling you to review security footage at your discretion.

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Network Troubleshooting
Once a network is properly installed, Spectrum IT offers local area network troubleshooting which may be performed remotely in the event assistance is required. We are ready to provide excellent service and ensure the smooth operation of your business.

Network and Server Migration
Has your business expanded recently? Great news… except for the fact that your office computer network cannot handle the increasing load anymore. At Spectrum IT, we would consider a computer network migration plan.

Types of Migration
From July 2015, Microsoft terminated active support for Windows Server 2003, which is the reason web server migration to the newer version, Windows Server 2012 R2, is crucial and, in many cases, the only viable option. One should also consider the possibility of proper server data migration to reduce the risk of losing valuable business data.

We would advise a Cloud-based network and perform the network migration to the Cloud. This includes increased speed of communication, almost impenetrable data storage, and often highly cost-effective terms. At Spectrum IT, we can help you with our professional network migration services.

We understand that for your business, time is money and you cannot afford a long period of obligatory idle network time caused by the information unavailability. This is where a carefully devised server migration project plan comes into effect. Upon set up, the migration may be performed in live mode, so that all the applications and data necessary for the normal operation of the business will be available throughout the process.
Other reasons for database migration include updating/modernising IT equipment, transferring your electronic information to a different data center, or the general server migration plan.

Whatever the reasons behind your requirement for business network or server migration, we are prepared to put our expertise into action with the most efficient and reliable options at cost effective rates.

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